If you’ve been following me on github you might have realized I made a few changes to my java music player applet thing…

I’ve since updated the post with the latest version, fully compiled, if you’d like to take a look or something…


Do you have trouble using the best audio(and more!) player iTunes?

Do you sometimes wish for something that requires more effort, is more inconvenient and has less features?

Introducing, ‘Jukebox’ the Java applet that will solve all your problems and then some.


I’ll put it simply. It’s a Java applet that plays .wav files from an adjacent folder.

But somehow I managed to make that simple task take up 335 lines of code. #HNNG

The source code is available on GitHub, I’ think I’ve commented it pretty okay so it should make sense, then again I don’t really understand myself sometimes so good luck!

If you just want to try it out you can download either a full or base version.

The full version is about 183MB’s due to all the .wav files it comes with.

The base version comes with no audio or album art so you’ll have to supply your own if you want it to work. But it’s only 40KB.

Jukebox – Full (173MB)
Jukebox – Base (43KB)
View Source (Github)

Help! Applets are behaving weird in IntelliJ IDEA!

Do you use IntelliJ IDEA to make applets?

Well stop. Applets are dumb.

Are you forced to use IntelliJ IDEA to make applets?

You might have noticed that sometimes applets are displayed strangely when you run them from IntelliJ Idea, but if you run the exact same code in a browser it seems to work as expected.

This is due to (I have no idea) the way IntellIJ IDEA runs applets, I think. I don’t know.

This guide assumes you already have an applet running in IntelliJ IDEA, it basically picks up from my previous guide on how to actually get applets to run – http://vlk.me/33

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How To: Run Java Applets in IntelliJ Idea

If you happen to be doing a course on outdated software like me you might encounter a need to run Java Applets inside your IDE of choice: IntelliJ Idea.

Now before I’d start I’d just like to point out that many news sites have told their readers to disable Java from running in their browsers. Guess what applets are. That’s right, Java that runs inside a browser!

The good news is, after messing around for a bit, I worked out how to code them in IntelliJ Idea anyway.

Step 1

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.46.14 AM

Open IntelliJ Idea and hit ‘Create New Project’

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